This is Book Five of the
'Journey into Mastery Series'
It's a tale about trust and magic.
A fictional novel based on true events.
Andy had died to all he'd ever been and could never return to his original state. 
To survive, he must totally re-create his reality, grow some wings, and learn to fly. 
Perhaps, a 400-year-old Scottish spirit and an ancient Archangel could teach him how.
The essence of warriorship, 
is refusing to ever give up 
on anyone or anything.
The bad news is ... you are falling 
through the air with nothing 
to hang on to ... and no parachute. 
The good news is ... there is no ground.
The ultimate definition of bravery is to not be afraid 
of who you truly are.
​The title for this book has been changed from
'Ten Years Free Falling' ... to:
'A Conscious Transformation'
The new book will be sold in two parts. 
Neither book has been released for
distribution ... and may not be available 
until the first week of August 2018.
Part One
Free Falling
Part Two
The Crystal Chrysalis
These three quotes are from Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who is credited with bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the United States and Canada during the early 1970's. He was the linage holder of the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, and was also the teacher of the author for several years.